Quinté plus PMU: Yes For Ever is a good starting point

This Monday, January 23 is disputed Trifecta, Quarter, Fifth plus PMU in the Prix de Cannes at the Cagnes-sur-Mer racecourse. This handicap reserved for horses aged 4 years will oppose sixteen competitors over the distance of 1500 meters on grass. Our preference is Yes For Ever (15) which is well placed in weight in this big handicap. He is opposed to Montmirail (6) who is to be followed closely for his first handicap.

1 King’s court He knows a great success in this category and he likes a lot on the grass. He must fight for the first places. Positive 2 Tut tut She discovers the French handicaps and she seems to carry a lot of weight. For a small place. Neutral 3 Jochen It has always failed in the big Quinté handicaps and it seems to face formidable opposition. At the end of the selection. Neutral 4 Mammalia Model of regularity and confirmed in the handicaps, it should be considered seriously for the accessits. Positive 5 Uncle Bo Currently in good shape and well into the stalls, we should be wary of it for a fourth or fifth place. Neutral 6 Montmirail It has always succeeded on this track and it has had almost no false notes since the start of its career. It can therefore reveal itself in this race. Positive 7 Offanville It depends on a formidable stable and it remains on an encouraging victory. It must stand out for a place in the Quinté. Positive 8 Investor He is progressing over the course of his outings and he really likes this distance. We therefore trust him for a good ranking. Positive 9 Wassim He discovers this track and he must start on the outside at the start. It is therefore only considered as a second choice. Neutral 10 State He depends on a formidable trainer and he shows great regularity in competition. We give it a try for its first Quinté. Positive 11 Magnolia State Gifted but making a comeback and discovering Quinté’s big handicaps, we will only retain it as a second choice. Neutral 12 Mr Goodnight His outings on the grass are mixed and we prefer other opponents. For runners only. Neutral 13 Cortez Bank He remains on a failure in a claiming event and he seems blocked by several competitors. In case of failure of the favorites only. Neutral 14 Game Run It has just behaved very well for its first Quinté handicap and is showing good consistency in competition. We believe in it for the places. Positive 15 Yes For Ever It has always done well in the big Quinté handicaps and it is better placed in terms of weight. She’s a logical candidate for victory. Positive 16 Forchester He seems well placed in weight and he placed third for his only attempt on the course. Positive



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