Quinté Plus PMU: Ghalie du Goutier is a priority

Quinté Plus PMU: Ghalie du Goutier is a priority

Sport The Enghien racecourse will host the Trifecta Quarter Quinte More PMU at night this Friday, March 10. Sixteen trotters aged 7 to 11 will compete over the distance of 2150 meters (autostart start). Dauphine of the excellent Gendréen lately, Ghalie du Goutier (1) should logically fight for success and will be our favorite.

1 Ghalie du Goutier It aligns the good performances since the beginning of the year and it should logically play a leading role again. sport Positive 2 Gold Voice Above all, she should not be condemned on her last failure because she was unhappy. Judged on its previous outings, it has a good part to play. sport Positive 3 Fetish Trump It has not raced since July and it logically risks running out of competition to shine. sport Neutral 4 Geisha Speed It remains on a good performance on a speed course at Vincennes. It is one of the priorities. sport Positive 5 Great Tigress She has just redeemed herself by finishing third after two disqualifications. A confirmation from him is awaited. sport Positive 6 Drop of Colleville He took fifth place in an event lately and can complete the right combination again. sport Positive 7 Famous Fate He won in his last two public outings. So he deserves credit. sport Positive 8 Elixir of Crennes He will not be barefooted and he must start outside. He will find it difficult to shine. sport Neutral 9 Carla du Houlme She aligns chess and she participates in one of her last races in France. Complicated task. sport Negative 10 Franklin de Meslay It must start in the second line but it can take up a small place on a good day. sport Neutral 11 Lou’s son It stays on good outings and is comfortable behind the autostart. Not to neglect. sport Positive 12 Garuda Fligny It does not seem at the same level as in the first half of 2022. Other competitors are preferred to it. sport Neutral 13 Glorious Carnois She is as comfortable at the harnessed trot as at the mounted trot and she will be associated with Eric Raffin. Mistrust ! sport Positive 14 Cynthia His music is not exciting. We don’t believe it. sport Negative 15 Felli Eleven He has just made his comeback after a long absence and he should still need to run. sport Neutral 16 Extra du Chatault It is badly placed behind the autostart and its task is therefore delicate. sport Neutral



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