Quinté plus PMU: Gamin Jaba can aim for the palm

Quinté plus PMU: Gamin Jaba can aim for the palm


TrotPosted on Thursday, May 11, 2023 at 10:10 a.m.

sport Fifteen competitors have an appointment in the Tiercé, Quarté, Quinté of the day

Fifteen competitors have an appointment in the Tiercé, Quarté, Quinté of the day (© Zone-Turf)

Ce Trifecta, Quarter, Fifth plus PMU will oppose fifteen trotters over the distance of 2850 meters with two starting posts on the main track of Vincennes. We advise you to follow Gamin Jaba (14) who can go far in this event if he stays at the trot. Fanatic Flash (13) is also a logical contender for the title given his consistency in competition.

Sport Our opinions on the starters of the Quinté:

1 Mahey kid Inconstant but capable of doing well in particular against this opposition, it should be followed closely for a place in Quinté. sport Positive
2 Tillard’s cheetah Very confirmed on the big track and currently at the top, it should not be neglected for a good ranking. sport Positive
3 Sunburst Currently regular but facing tougher opposition, we will only consider him as a second choice. sport Neutral
4 Gims-du-Plessis Ideally engaged and presented barefoot, he finds a great opportunity to get people talking about him again. sport Positive
5 Take care of yourself Delicate but gifted, he must certainly be reckoned with for a good classification if he stays at the trot throughout the course. sport Positive
6 Elixir of Crennes His last outings do not inspire confidence and we prefer other opponents. In case of failure of favorites. sport Neutral
7 Foster Wood He is currently at the top and he has solid experience at Vincennes. It is selected in high rank. sport Positive
8 Emencourt d’Azif Associated with Alexandre Abrivard for this event and pleasant in 2023, we must retain him for the places. sport Positive
9 Disco d’Occagnes He depends on a formidable trainer and he now has a career in his legs. It can surprise. sport Positive
10 Gaelic du Rocher Confirmed at this level and showing a certain regularity in the race, it should be followed closely. sport Positive
11 Foxtrot Nobless He hasn’t raced for several months and he’s keeping his irons on for this race. We therefore do not retain it. sport Negative
12 Lou’s son It disappointed last time but it runs fairly close together and it rarely disappoints in the race. We believe in. sport Positive
13 Fanatic Flash Model of regularity and very comfortable on the big track, we must keep him in the top rank. sport Positive
14 Gamin Strong Delicate but gifted, he can aim for the palm if he is wise throughout the course. Our favorite. sport Positive
15 Fresneaux In bad shape and making a comeback, we try the impasse. sport Negative
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