Quick Charge 5 fast charging will allow you to charge 50 percent of a cell phone battery in just 5 minutes.


Qualcomm introduced the new generation of its fast charge this Monday, July 27 and calls it Quick Charge 5.

The new technology will come to different cell phones in the third quarter of 2020 and will allow them to have a load of more than 100W (100 watts).

Quick Charge 5 is initially supported on Snapdragon 800 series processors like Snapdragon 865, Snapdragon 865 Plus and other chips premium from Qualcomm. However, the company hopes that over time this technology will also reach the 700 and 600 series.

The biggest benefit of Quick Charge 5 is undoubtedly the possibility of charging a cell phone with a 4,500mAh battery in just 15 minutes. Also, in just 5 minutes you could charge 50 percent of the phone.

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Additionally, Qualcomm says Quick Charge 5 is “70 percent more efficient” than Quick Charge 4. Also, the company says it works in 10-degree Celsius cooler temperatures than its predecessor. This would offer more security, and the company also put in place a new system that identifies the ability of adapters and accessories to ensure they are trouble free.

Quick Charge is without a doubt the most widely used fast charging technology through all kinds of cell phones and manufacturers today, including Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Sony and others. Qualcomm says there are currently more than 1,200 classes of cell phones, accessories and controls that use some generation of Quick Charge.

Finally, the company revealed that Xiaomi will be one of the first companies to launch a cell phone with Quick Charge 5.