Quentin Tarantino considers retirement as director

Today, the role Quentin Tarantino plays as a filmmaker in popular culture is undeniable. The controversial director has been repeatedly accused of blatantly stealing shots and footage in his works (which he has openly accepted on several occasions) or received accusations in which his films are accused of being “Pure style on the merits”, something he didn’t seem to mind too much.

For years, Tarantino has signaled that he wants to retire after the release of his tenth film, a topic he brought up again in a recent interview in which he explains how the last films of many directors usually are. horrible, so he hopes to be the exception. .

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“A lot of directors have horrible ending movies. His worst movies are usually his last, ”Tarantino said in a conversation with Alric Kane and Brian Saul on the Pure Cinema podcast.

Tarantino believes that this is the case for many Golden Age directors who ended up making their final films in the 1960s, and that it was also the case for many “New Hollywood” directors who went on to make their final films. stopped directing between the 1980s and the 1980s. 1990s.

So it’s rare to end your career in a decent movie. To end with a good movie is phenomenal.

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“I mean, most of the directors’ latest movies suck. Maybe I shouldn’t do another movie because I would be very happy to let go of the mic, ”said Tarantino, assuring that he sees“ Once Upon a Time in Hollywood ”as a good end to his career as a filmmaker.

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Quentin Tarantino premiered “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” in 2019. The film managed to garner a total of ten Oscar nominations, in addition to awarding the victory to Brad Pitt as “Best Supporting Actor”. This summer, the director will release the film’s official novelization as part of a two-book deal with Harper Collins, details of this second book are yet to be found.

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