Queiroz, Schubert and Moselhi in the Al-Ittihad match of Alexandria and Future.. Photos

The Portuguese national team coach, Carlos Queiroz, incited to attend the Alexandrian Federation and Future match, in the match that brings the two teams together shortly, at Alexandria Stadium in the opening of the second round of the Premier League competition.

The media, Ahmed Schubert, was also present in the meeting booth, while Mohamed Moselhi was keen to receive the coach of the national team in the royal booth of the stadium.

Queiroz, Schubert and Moselhi (2)

Queiroz, Schubert and Moselhi (3)
Queiroz, Schubert and Moselhi (3)

Queiroz, Schubert and Moselhi (1)
Queiroz, Schubert and Moselhi (1)

Today’s match, although it is the first historically between the two teams in the league, but it is an exciting confrontation for the two teams, which the leader of the gap enters after a draw with Smouha with four goals for each team in the last round of the competition, while Future defeated Farco with a goal without a response in the same round.

The formation of the Alexandrian Federation came as follows: “Abdel Monsef for the goalkeeper, the four-defense team Marwan Attia, Damion Loy, Al-Sayed Salem, Sabri Rahil, and in the middle, Saido Sembori, Ahmed Manga, Al-Hanawi, Al-Ghandour, Adel Messi, and the only striker is Mabulolo.

The formation of Future came as follows: “Goalkeeper: Mahmoud Jensh, defense: Jonathan Nguyim, Mohamed Abdel Moneim, Mahmoud Merhi and Karim Arafat, and the middle: Ghannam Mohamed and Omar Saviola, in front of them Ahmed Refaat, Nasser Maher and Omar Kamal Abdel Wahed, and the attacker: Marwan Mohsen.”

Hossam Hassan, the technical director of the Alexandrian Federation, called on his players to continue to play the league matches in a fighting spirit, as demonstrated by their performance in the Smouha match in the first round of the competition. It cost the team four goals in the first match.

On the other hand, Future coach Ali Maher called on his players to continue the victorious train to launch a distinguished season in their first presence in the league of lights and fame, especially after gaining a huge morale boost from the victory over Farco at the beginning of the journey.



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