Queen Letizia Steps Out in the Most Sophisticated Summer Look in Her Wardrobe

The monarch tried on a midi skirt, an analogue of which I want to urgently find

The Queen of Spain is rightfully considered one of the most stylish monarchs in Europe: always elegant, she skillfully combines mass market with luxury, loves to wear light combinations that fit her perfectly. On the first day of August, Letizia visited La Cartuja de Valldemossa, the palace that was the official residence of King Sancho of Mallorca in the 15th century. For a working visit in the height of summer, the Queen chose a truly sophisticated outfit, perfect for a hot day.

Queen Letizia of Spain, August 2022

Snow-white with a wide yoke, embellished with an abstract emerald print, the Queen added a flowing top in linen style with a V-neck and jute soles.

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