Queen Elizabeth II's childhood: strict rules, lessons in good manners and strong devotion

Everything changed in an instant. Uncle David announced that he was renouncing the crown in favor of her father: thus little Elisabeta became the heir to an impressive life story.

The abdication of Edward VIII had been discussed for a long time. He wanted to marry an American woman more than to wear a crown. He postponed the coronation, realizing that after this event all his dreams would remain… dreams.
After the abdication, which shook the foundations of the monarchy, the Duke of York, and now King George VI, found himself in a difficult situation. He had to do everything perfectly, without the right to make mistakes. People would not forgive another mistake of the royal family.

In 1936, the coronation of George VI took place. Now Princess Elizabeth was not just a daughter, but an heiress. She was only nine years old.
The parents tried not to change too much the lives of their daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret. They protected the children as best they could and tried to give them lots of love. Girls spent a lot of time with their parents, which was unusual for aristocratic circles at the time.

The girls were explained that their role in the royal family and as residents of the United Kingdom had changed. Elizabeth will be queen. A sense of duty was the main thing that was instilled in the little princesses Elizabeth and Margaret.

One day little Elizabeth got so into the role that she said to her grandmother Maria, “I can’t leave until it’s all over, think of those people waiting outside to see me!” Later, the heiress of King George V and Queen Mary abdicated, their daughter Mary involved in an unhappy marriage, and Elizabeth perfectly understood her role and demanded the same respect from those around her. One day the former hofmeister to King George V met little Elisabeth in the corridor and said to her: “Hello, young lady.” “I’m not a young lady, I’m Princess Elizabeth,” answered the girl.

Life at the palace was amazing. The princesses were taught history, geography, genealogy, behavior during official ceremonies, dances, performed plays and practiced a lot of sports. This was the traditional upbringing schedule for girls in the royal family. No one then understood exactly how the future queen should be educated, but she herself was so aware of her role that she did not need teachers.
At the age of thirteen, Princess Elizabeth met the young Prince Philip and immediately understood that he was the man of her life. Until the end of his life he did not change his beliefs.

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The children of the royal family were never spoiled. They wore the same clothes as everyone else, bowed deeply to their parents and all important people, and followed a daily routine of education and good manners. Interestingly, neither Elizabeth nor Margaret wore trousers as children.

King George VI said: “Lilibet is my pride and Margareth is my joy.” The two sisters were very different, but only one was destined to become queen.

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