Queen Elizabeth II (94) was presented with a new portrait on Friday afternoon. For the first time ever, a painting of her was unveiled online in a ceremony. The head of the United Kingdom followed the action on his computer. The palace later published the picture and snapshots of the video call on Instagram.

“I’m glad I had the chance to see it,” said the Queen after the unveiling. “I hope to see it one day in real life.” The picture shows the monarch sitting on an ornate chair in a turquoise dress.

That’s what the artist says about her work

The painting was made by the artist Miriam Escofet (53) and is intended to honor the success of the monarch in the fields of foreign policy and international diplomacy during her previous tenure. “It was a great honor to paint a portrait of Her Majesty and to virtually unveil the picture with the Queen,” said Escofet of her work.

She wanted Queen Elizabeth II “Humanity, charisma and warmth” to be captured, which was expressed in the joint meetings. The responsible state secretary also praised the queen as “our best diplomat”. The portrait is a tribute to her lifelong work.