Disagreements? There are even in the English royal family. This time there is a crisis between Prince Charles and his mommy Queen Elizabeth II.

the essentials in brief

  • Prince Charles and his mommy have a difficult relationship.
  • The Queen praises Charles’s hard work.
  • On the other hand, you bitterly encounter his extravagance.

It is difficult, extravagant, coupled with a little stubbornness!

Will Prince Charles (72) ever make it to the English throne? Is in the royal stars.

However, it seems certain that his relationship with his mum Queen Elizabeth II (95) is difficult. This is now reported by someone who should know.

The monarch’s cousin, Margaret Rhodes, spoke to the royal author Giles Brandreth (73) in 2004. As reported by «express.co.uk», she chatted from the sewing box.

“I was in Birkhall when he was there,” says Margaret. “Prince Charles is very conscientious, very committed.”

And further: «He had dinner and went back to work. He works so hard, but then he’s so extravagant. “

And this is exactly what the Queen seems to be bitterly about. “She finds Charles very difficult,” the cousin continued. “He’s extravagant and she doesn’t like that.”

The future heir to the throne is said to have inherited this penchant for luxury from his grandparent. Queen Mum († 101) is also said to have loved waste.

“The amount of equipment and staff that Charles is carrying is obscene,” the relative continued.

Are these the right qualities for a future king?

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