Quarantine suspended for vaccinated, except for classmates (10/01/2022)

Being a classmate of a positive comes with more restrictions than living with a positive. In the second case, in fact, children recovered for less than 120 days or who have completed the vaccination cycle despite being close contacts do not go into quarantine (as required by the new rules sanctioned by the decree law 229 of 30 December 2021): they will only have to put the FFP2. In the first case, however, for the same child, the quarantine is triggered: not only will he be in DAD, but he will not be able to leave the house. Put another way, being cured or vaccinated today avoids quarantine for everyone except children who run into a positive in school.

This is the paradox written in black and white in the joint circular of 8 January 2022, issued by the Ministry of Health and Education (the signatures are those of Jacopo Greco for Education and Giovanni Rezza for Health), which alongside the DAD a ten-day quarantine for all children of infancy and elementary school belonging to the same section / group as the positive case (one for kindergarten, 2 for primary), without distinguishing between vaccinated and cured and not. Now, if not distinguishing with respect to the didactic measure is understandable (having the class partly in DAD and partly in presence is always complicated, but even more so for younger pupils), one does not see the reason why the health measure of the quarantine or its suspension must be linked to age: either it applies to all citizens or it does not apply to anyone.

Giuseppe Arconzo is an associate professor of constitutional law at the State University of Milan and retraces the question as follows: “On December 30, 2021 the legislative decree 229 was published: one of the main novelties is that the close contacts of the positives – if healed or vaccinated with two doses within 4 months or if they have taken the third dose and therefore in possession of a super green pass – they do not have to do the precautionary quarantine ». In that decree law “There is no mention of a distinction between citizens on the basis of age”, underlines Arconzo. A few days later what happens? Legislative decree 1 of 7 January 2022 arrives «that in article art. 4 says that if there is a positive child in preschools, the activity is suspended for 10 days. In primary schools, distance learning for 10 days takes place with two positive children. For lower and upper secondary schools, with two cases, a distinction is made between vaccinated and non-vaccinated and with three cases all of them go to DAD. The decree speaks only of the organization of teaching, not of quarantines which are instead a health measure».

The surprise comes with the ministerial note of 8 January, which details for each age group and school level both the measures concerning the teaching activity (and therefore say when one goes to DAD) and the health measures (attached): this is where we talk about the 10-day quarantine with outbound testing for the 0-6 year system in the presence of a positive partner (where only children aged 5 and over can be vaccinated but the cured can still be many) and for the primary in the case of two positive in the classroom. My 7-year-old son, recovered or vaccinated, will therefore have more restrictive and punitive treatment than me or my 11-year-old brother who was cured or vaccinated. And above all, the treatment will be more punitive and restrictive in the case in which it will be contact with a positive partner than if I were the one to be positive. “Why should the exemption from quarantine rule not apply to children vaccinated with two doses or cured of Covid? Is suspension from school activities not enough? »Asks Arconzo. “The circular in these passages seems to me completely illegitimate”. They will also be fluid measures, in progress together with the epidemiological and vaccinal situation, but Who correction by the Ministry of Health is urgently needed. Or do we want to go back to spring 2020, when a parent could go out with only one child at a time, without leaving home for more than 200 meters? Except the children, but the children first.

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