Qondesa: the second and tallest skyscraper in Quito is a futuristic experience in a privileged location

Qondesa: the second and tallest skyscraper in Quito is a futuristic experience in a privileged location

In addition to being in one of the most commercial areas of Quito. From Qondesa it is only 25 minutes to the airport. This architectural proposal will generate more than 16,000 jobs.

Uribe Schwarzkopf bets on the progress of the country and the Quito skyline. ‘MAD Architects’ is the firm that will leave its mark, the first in South America, through a contemporary architecture with its own style and spirit, which will give a futuristic experience in movement, where its elements will transcend beyond the imaginable.

Uribe Schwarzkopf presents his new Qondesa project, a sculpture in the center of the world, -Naciones Unidas avenue and Amazonas avenue, corner. Boulevard United Nations) -.

Source of employment

This new project has an investment of around 86 million dollarsand it will be an important source of employment throughout its construction cycle -four years (48 months)-. The construction of Qondesa will generate 1,200 direct jobs throughout the four years and will have a positive impact on the construction value chain with approximately 15,000 indirect jobs.

live short distances

This project is designed for those who seek to live in the heart of the city, for those who appreciate the unique value of creating a community in their neighborhood, enjoying the urban adrenaline, the nearby services and the dynamism that a modern and active Quito offers. A vertical community one step away from La Carolina Park with innovative, creative elements that differentiate it from the traditional, especially since from its conception it aims at sustainability. A building of more than 130 meters high and 36 floors for residential and commercial usewill be the second skyscrapers in Quito and the highest in the capital.

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Qondesa contributes to the consolidation of “sustainable cities” through socio-environmental benefits focused on: efficient water consumption, efficient energy consumption, landscaping, sustainable mobility, environmental contributions and urban improvement of public space. Sustainable Mobility The city needs a greater role for bicycles, scooters, spaces for walking and public transport as measures to fight the climate emergency, air quality, habitability of cities and sustainable mobility. Due to its strategic location next to the metro station, Qondesa encourages its residents to use alternative transportation.

futuristic building

Its curvilinear façade conveys sensuality and the organic, adapting naturally to the sinuosity of the mountain range and subtly standing out from its surroundings. The facade integrates the vegetation of the landscape that permeates into the habitable areas, becoming an urban extension of the park.

All Qondesa departments have outdoor balconiesin order to provide a covered outdoor space that adapts to the needs of its inhabitants, and to increase the connection between the interior and exterior of the project, which presents a flexible housing concept, spaces that open or close adapting to the needs of its inhabitants.

Qondesa will have multifunctional spaces and amenities such as: Bowling, Business Center, TechRoom, Cinema, Music room, Game Room, TechRoom, Pet Spa, Auditorium, Swimming pool, Children’s pool, Gym, Boxing ring, SPA (Sauna, Turkish, Hydromassage), Green terrace, BBQ, Lounge Events and Laundry Room.

Responsible with the city Quito, with the new Land Use and Management Plan (PUGS), seeks to create friendlier cities with its inhabitants, in which different activities can be carried out in the same space. Qondesa responds to this objective, inviting its residents to carry out various activities within the same place, becoming a vertical city par excellence.

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This futuristic building will have an eco-efficient design that includes sustainability parameters, through efficient consumption of resources, comprehensive waste management from the conception of the project, the construction stage, thus contributing to a circular economy. (AVV)



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