After Switzerland’s victory against Lithuania, a draw with the Swiss may not be enough to remove the world pass

The clear victory of the Swiss (4-0 over Lithuania) complicates the path ofItaly towards i Qatar World Cup 2022. The Azzurri remain at the head of the group C qualifications, but the advantage of the Mancini national team has diminished because the Swiss hook it in first place with 14 points and also because they are getting closer as regards the goal difference. Pending the direct match on November 12, the difference is now +2 for the Azzurri, who will be forced to win the Olimpico match to be safe.

In the last two games played, Switzerland has scored 6 goals and brought the goal difference +9, that of Italy is +11. Clearly the +2 would remain even in the event of a draw with the Swiss, but in the last qualifying round, when the Azzurri will face Northern Ireland and Switzerland against Bulgaria, anything could happen. This is why it will be important to win in Rome, because in case of equal points in the group, the goal difference is the first criterion to establish the final classification (then there are the number of goals scored in the group, the points in head-to-head matches and the goal difference in direct matches).

The final placement is decisive because at the World Cup in Qatar only the first classified of the groups qualify directly, while the runners up will have to go through the playoff play-offs, which recall the terrible ghosts of Sweden and that ‘dramatic’ night at San Siro. To chase away the ghosts it will be necessary to beat Switzerland, appointment on November 12 in Rome.

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