Putin is happy about every call

Chancellor Nehammer should calmly telephone the Russian President. Except for a few domestic political dots, he can’t expect anything from such neutrality poses.

Vladimir Putin is probably happy about every European politician who visits him in Moscow these days or who he can play with on the phone. In this way, the Kremlin warlord can fool himself and his compatriots into thinking that after all, Russia is not quite so isolated. He was certainly also pleased when the Austrian Federal Chancellor called.

It would be unfair to accuse Karl Nehammer of unfair motives. He is no doubt convinced that it is important to keep a channel of communication open with Putin and to try to make at least small advances, for example on the exchange of prisoners of war. Unfortunately, miraculous breakthroughs are not to be expected. Austria’s chancellor plays such an irrelevant role in the current geopolitical drama that he can’t do much harm. That opens up freedom. However, the benefit of such diplomatic deposits is in the microscopic range. Nehammer probably wants to score points anyway, especially domestically. Otherwise he would not have presented himself at a press conference immediately after his phone call with Putin.

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