“Put me down so they don’t run me over,” the driver of the CDMX Metro asked during a breathalyzer test

The worker, identified as Erik “N”, was subjected to a test to determine if he had actually consumed any alcoholic beverages. (Fixed: Twitter/@tavojeda5)

This Tuesday afternoon, users of the Collective Transport System (STC) Subway of Mexico City shared videos on social networks in which it was possible to see that a network manager was allegedly driving drunk.

According to preliminary reports, upon arrival at the Xola station on Line 2, the driver opened the doors of the train on the opposite side of the platform to load and unload passengers, posing a risk to them.

Moments later, members of the Secretariat for Citizen Security (SSC) and the Banking and Industrial Police (PBI) removed the driver from the convoy’s cab and took him to a special area of ​​the Metro facilities to perform a breath test.

“Look how it comes, more or less drunk”, “The driver is super drunk”, “Imagine the accident that could have been caused by opening the doors on the other side”, were some of the demands voiced by users as the policemen moved the worker across the platform has.

After the police escorted the worker from his workplace, people close to him blamed him for his inconvenient situation

Later, the video of the moment in which the driver, identified as Plum “N”, was subjected to the test to determine if he did drink alcohol. It was at that moment that the worker asked the authorities for their help to prevent him from being fired.

Throw me a stop so they don’t run me. Don’t be bastards, after Chile this is my life,” asked the manager.

After the images of the worker in an allegedly uncomfortable condition went viral, the Director General of the Metro, William Calderon, shared a statement through his social networks explaining that Erik “N” was relieved immediately after the incident. However, he did not specify whether the actions recorded on this day would be grounds for permanent dismissal.

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“As for the driver who improperly opened the doors in L2, let me inform you was immediately relieved and transferred to the breath test, in the event of a positive result, the corresponding sanction will be applied, which implies the definitive cancellation of the service,” Calderón wrote on his Twitter account.

In the same way, he foresaw that an investigation into the elements of the possibly involved operational staff would be started. “In case of any irresponsibility, the corresponding sanctions will also be applied,” he added.

Since the first recordings of the driver in an allegedly uncomfortable condition circulated, hundreds of users on social networks expressed their outrage and called for “exemplary punishment” for the worker for the risk his actions would have represented to the people who was on board the worker. train.

“Well, apart from the drunk driver’s fault here it is also the fault of his immediate boss that he should supervise his workers when they start working”, “This justifies dismissal, how many people depend on this irresponsible person? And I wonder why aren’t they being monitored?”, “And how is it possible that they let him work like that?” were some of the most popular comments on the videos that were widely shared on the networks.

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For their part, there were those who felt that this type of behavior should not only be blamed for the Metro authorities, but also for Claudia Sheinbaum, as head of government of CDMX. “Claudia doesn’t care about anything but campaigning”, “That’s how this whole government is” and “The concerts are what’s important, right?” They were part of the messages with which some people attacked the official.


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