Puncture sites in party guests in France are a mystery

There is great uncertainty in France. The reason for this is mysterious puncture marks on several party guests. The investigation is ongoing.

People dance in a disco. Several party guests suffered puncture marks in France. The investigation is ongoing. (icon image) – Keystone


the essentials in brief

  • Some French discovered puncture marks on their bodies after partying.
  • Some of you complained about dizziness and headaches.

Mysterious redness and needle punctures in party guests have caused astonishment and uncertainty in France. For several weeks there have been victims of needle sticks at celebrations in various French cities. The police announced on Saturday.

During investigations, however, no substances were found in the bodies of the attacked. There were several investigations into the incidents. According to the “France Info” broadcaster, the judiciary initiated a total of 130 investigations.

Media had previously reported of revelers who suddenly became dizzy or had a headache. Later they would then have noticed a small wound as from a syringe. Some would also have felt a spade.

Police advised unsettled partygoers to look out for each other and report incidents. Those who have been attacked should go to the hospital immediately to be examined.

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