punches and throws of weights, the shock attack on a girl in the gym-

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A twenty-five-year-old suddenly attacked (perhaps for a trivial quarrel) by a fifty-year-old man. The dramatic moments captured by the internal cameras. Only the arrival of the carabinieri saved the young woman

A very violent attack against a 25-year-old girl, by a 50-year-old man, inside a gym, filmed by internal cameras. happened in a fitness center in Pescara. Only the intervention of the instructors, and then of the carabinieri called and arrived immediately after, stopped the fury of the man, of Albanian origin, now accused of crimes ranging from injuries to attempted murder up to kidnapping. The girl, on the other hand, was hospitalized for investigations after the blows suffered in the head.

the newspaper The center to reconstruct what happened, also based on the images of the internal cameras. Before her we see the girl training on a bench and the man, strong and muscular build, standing next to her, with dumbbells in hand. The two talk, then he suddenly hits her with a dumbbell almost at the height of the neck. She tries to escape, he blocks her and throws them a punch in the face.

As the girl down, he hits her again. An instructor intervenes, but the attacker does not calm down and throws a handlebar against the girl, fortunately without taking her. At this point, the girl takes refuge in a room where there is a bar and a kitchen. The man grabs an iron bar, threatens the other customers and joins the girl in the room, locking her inside. She screams, the people present try to force the door, at this point the carabinieri arrive who stop the attack and take the man to the barracks. Against the man, the owner of the gym has also filed a complaint, asking that he no longer approach the structure of him.

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