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Do you think that there are products that are very expensive? There are undoubtedly places that raise the price of any product under the motto that they are of better quality. However, it is well known that sometimes the only thing they sell you is the brand. In this sense, social media users they launched into against the restaurant Pujol, owned by chef Enrique Olvera, for allegedly sell tortillas for 45 pesos. An abuse? What’s different about it? We tell you what we know about this case that went viral.

It was through social networks where this case became visible. And it turns out that with an image, Internet users pointed out that allegedly the cost of tortillas in Pujol was really excessive compared to the price at which this product is sold in any tortilla shop.

In addition to that as if that were not enough, the high amount to pay for tortillas in Pujol, is not per kilo but per dozen and is for 45 pesos. That’s right, Pujol presumably sells you 12 tortillas for 45 pesos.

“Creole corn tortillas. Keep refrigerated. This product has a shelf life of three days. Content: a dozen ”, you read about the label of the tortillas.

As expected, users of social networks launched themselves against the restaurant for its high price. Currently, according to the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) the price of the tortilla – the kilo – ranges between 18 pesos.

“The whitexicans have gone too far”; “Now what’s next”; “Tortillas a thousand per thousand”; “Hahaha don’t suck”; “Don’t screw a dozen Tortilla de Pujol, it has to be 300 pesos”; “You can buy your tortillas in pujol, but you don’t know how to make a” spoon “to weigh with them”, it reads between some reactions.

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