Pugacheva’s answer to the haters was analyzed by a psychologist

The indignation of the singer seemed strange to many.

Alla Pugacheva, who flew to Israel, does not indulge fans and critics with frequent contact.

But, apparently, the Primadonna is still tired of enduring caustic remarks addressed to her. The last straw was the trick of the hooligans who posted an insulting inscription about Pugacheva on Ostankino. After that, the singer recorded a response to the haters, pointing out their weak intellect.

“Live in peace, country,” the artist finished her comment with such ironic words.

The proud calmness of the singer caused a lot of questions. Psychologist Mikhail Zotov is sure that Pugachev was still hurt by the trick of her compatriots, since she decided to record a video response. But the singer still left the true emotions behind the camera. The expert noted that the Primadonna did not fall for the provocation and reacted with restraint, not wanting to please her ill-wishers.

“She has been in aggression for a long time and says:“ I will arrange Kuzka’s mother here for you right now! She is angry that her husband is being persecuted, she is ready to tear everyone for her “toy,” Mikhail Zotov said in an interview with

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Sergey Malyshev

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