Pugacheva received an unexpected blow in the stomach from a famous singer

The singer sees through the maneuvers of colleagues.

Vika Tsyganova spoke about the departed stars, even the Primadonna got it.

The pop star expressed outrage at the departure of celebrities. She does not understand the position of these people. Moreover, Tsyganova openly stated that it is necessary to deprive runaway celebrities of citizenship, because many of them, have a second, will not be lost.

“Alla Borisovna said: I went to rest, goodbye, everyone. So stay there, sit, ”Tsyganova told Tsargrad.

The singer believes that it is high time to give way to the young and rid the stage of nepotism. The same faces appear everywhere, I’m tired of it.

“Everyone leads, everyone sings, dances, they go from transmission to transmission, nepotism is constantly bred, now one, then the other. Either Galkin, then Pugacheva, then Orbakaite. And they are all the same, ”summed up Tsyganova.

Recently there was information that the Primadonna will soon return home, but her husband does not intend to return to his abandoned castle. In the meantime, the stars are resting in Israel at the RU.TV award with Lev Leshchenko, something terrible almost happened.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Sergey Vodyanitsky

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