Pufa Cash is here, Mother’s Day shopping starts ahead of schedule for the department store industry- Business Times

Pufa Cash is here, Mother’s Day shopping starts ahead of schedule for the department store industry- Business Times

Mother’s Day Skirmish Department Store’s Spring and Summer Shopping Festival Starts Early

The government launched a general cash payment of 6,000 yuan, and the department store industry also launched the first wave of shopping festivals in advance of the Mother’s Day schedule. In addition to rushing to seize the business opportunities for the five-day holiday of Children’s Day, the department store industry sharpened its knives to grab customers. Accumulate points and exchange points through all channels, and you can get 100-200 gift certificates for a single transaction by swiping the card; including Far Hundred, Global Mall, Far East SOGO, Daye Takashimaya, etc., all rushed to the battle before the consecutive holidays, and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, which opened after the consecutive holidays, Beijing Railway Station and others accept pre-orders in advance and enjoy discounts.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the turnover of the department store industry in Taiwan in the first two months reached 75.3 billion yuan, an increase of 16.9% compared with the high base period of last year. It is obvious that the new normal after the epidemic, consumers are actively resuming social activities, whether it is dining in restaurants or casual men’s and women’s clothing, etc. All have grown by leaps and bounds; it is expected that Mother’s Day, the biggest stage in the first half of the year, will be fully powered, and it is expected to reach another peak.

The beautiful shopping festival of 12 stores in Far East in Taichung, Far East in Banqiao and other large stores will be launched on the 24th. In addition to the purchase of thousands of dollars, you will get 100 free, and 20 new banks will give you 100 dollars when you swipe your card to compete for the full performance of Mother’s Day Growth of 10%; Global Mall, for the first time in the Mother’s Day schedule, will provide synchronous accumulation of all channels and double rewards of gift certificates. The overall goal is to grow by 30%.

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In order to welcome Mother’s Day, all department stores are making every effort to renovate and install new cabinets in advance. Nearly 20 new cabinets around the world have debuted, including National Electronics, HOLA, Marugame Seimen, Big Brother Ecstasy Noodle Shop, 2ndSTREET, etc. Banda store GUCCI refurbishment expanded, high-end customization and watch jewelry and other boutique performances drove at least 2 growth, Xinyi A13 also has many fashionable new cabinets entering the market, and Far East Sogo Department Store launched the Hokkaido Japan Exhibition and Children’s Parents in conjunction with Children’s Day for five days. Related activities, with the blessing of 6,000 yuan in cash and running water for all people, they will be inspired by a new wave of buying.

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi and Beijing Railway Station are expected to start the Mother’s Day skirmish on April 6. Among them, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi’s “Early Summer Shopping Festival” sees the unblocking of masks, the full return of social life, and the popularity of clothing, leisure sports and other explicit products and catering. Recovering, teaming up with more than 120 trending beauty brands, expanding the lineup of exclusive first-sale products, million classic special offers, and other market-leading product lineups, and planning a 6,000-yuan saving shopping project to make 6,000 red envelopes go wild.

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