Puch 230 GE, this is one of the best mixes between authentic SUV and camper

Puch 230 GE, this is one of the best mixes between authentic SUV and camper

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As a general rule, when we talk about the camper segment, we usually refer to vans, which a priori are the most favorable type of vehicle for this type of transformation. However, it is not uncommon to find works carried out on pick-ups, on top of which a house is basically installed, or even SUVs, as in the case of the Puch 230 GE.

We are talking here about a professional 4×4, but it was always in the shadow of its popular “cousin”, the Mercedes G-Class. In fact, the Downwhich was manufactured between the company of the same name and Steyrwas produced in the same Mercedes plant, in Austria, but instead of with a civilian focus, it was a military model.

This makes their off-road capabilities more than proven and, although it is an old model, since it was manufactured for years from the 70s, they are reliable machines.

In the story comes into action Lorinsera preparer who made a batch of dozens of copies in quite good condition and who decided to transform them in different ways, using one of them as a base to create an extreme campervan.

The specific example used a pick-up style body, which provided an adequate structure to install a rigid module that closed the box, reaching a considerable height and creating interior space to be able to live.

From the first glance it is striking, not only because of its height, but also because of the dark green color of the body, which is decorated with an old-style cartographic map; 16-inch black Dotz wheels and off-road tires from BF Goodrich.

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Logically, the interior space is not as wide as it would be in a van, but even so, it has been managed to take advantage of it in a very intelligent way.

Throughout the cabin there are plenty of cabinets and storage spaces, there is a small kitchen with a microwave and a sink, a bed for two people can be assembled, it has an awning for the outside, it has an external shower, etc. In addition, it has both an outdoor generator and solar panels to enjoy electricity.

The mechanical section is completely standard, which means a four-cylinder gasoline engine that develops 116 CV and is associated with a four-speed automatic gearbox and a four-wheel drive system with rear differential lock.



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