Public viewing at the EM in Cologne possible, the city sets rules

Cologne / Bonn –

As if we weren’t shaken enough by all the Corona rules. Now, from Friday (June 11), there was also a threat of a restriction for the European Football Championship when it comes to public viewing in the pub. The city of Cologne has now published the rules for “pack watching”. Sometimes she can give the all-clear, but she also wants to take action in the event of violations.

  • Football championship from Friday
  • Public viewing possible in Cologne pubs
  • City publishes the exact rules

It goes without saying that a lot of things will be different when you watch fuppes in Corona times: minimum distances, data collection, test – you have almost got used to all of that.

Public viewing in Cologne: There is no legal basis

But now there was news from Bonn that shocked football fans. Because: The sound stays off in the federal city! No, that’s not a special Bonnian quirk. The city simply lacks the legal basis.

In the past, yes, it was completely different: games of the European Football Championship were allowed to be broadcast with sound until 11 p.m., also via extra loudspeakers. For this, not only the city of Bonn granted restaurateurs a “special permit according to the state pollution control law”. After all, it was about a “public interest”. But now there is no legal basis for this.

Public viewing in Cologne: Member of parliament with a clear announcement

“Silent film” at European Championship games in Cologne too? The CDU member of the Bundestag Karsten Möring could not believe it – and was amazed at the Bonn decision. He made it clear: “The legal basis exists! I demand that the regulatory authorities issue permits for the transmission of the games with sound. “

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Möring, among other things a member of the environmental committee, assumed that the city of Cologne would follow suit. Lo and behold: On Tuesday noon, June 8th, it was heard from the town hall that annoying plans like those in Bonn should not be pursued in Cologne.

Public viewing in Cologne: the city allows transmission with sound

At 3:45 p.m. Robert Baumanns from the city’s press office officially declared: “The games will kick off at 9 p.m. at the latest. If the games are broadcast live on TV in outdoor restaurants, the City of Cologne tolerates this, including possible extensions and penalty shoot-outs. The live TV transmission must then be ended immediately. “

And about the sound ban, which then probably only applies in Bonn, it says: “The North Rhine-Westphalian State Immission Control Act (LImschG) regulates the general protection of the night’s rest from 10 p.m. in Section 9. For outdoor catering, exceptions are generally possible until midnight according to Section 9 (2) No. 2 LImschG. This also applies to noises that are not usually associated with outdoor catering (such as television broadcasts). “

Public viewing in Cologne: football atmosphere for the European Championship guaranteed

In plain language: football atmosphere with all the trimmings in Cologne!

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However, with Corona rules: “The requirements of the currently valid Corona Protection Ordinance of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia must be strictly adhered to – the Corona virus does not take a break from football.”

  • This includes, in particular, compliance with the distance rules, which can be decisive for the arrangement of tables and chairs within the approved outdoor catering.
  • Screens are to be aligned and fixed in such a way that they show the broadcasts into the outdoor catering area, but do not entice passers-by and motor vehicle traffic to watch the game. Care should be taken to avoid tripping points, for example due to laid cables, which could lead to liability claims against innkeepers.
  • If crowds of people form outside of the outdoor catering, who watch a game due to the live TV broadcast and which endanger public safety or traffic (on streets, on sidewalks and squares), the broadcast must be interrupted until the crowd has broken up and safety and traffic management are restored. If the operator does not comply, the public order office of the City of Cologne will intervene with sanctions.
  • The city of Cologne will also keep the neighborhood quiet (applies from 10 p.m.). For all games that are broadcast in the outdoor area of ​​the catering trade, the innkeepers must ensure that disturbances in the neighborhood remain within reasonable limits, that the excessive use of the outdoor catering facilities does not cause any traffic obstructions and that the guests are not endangered by car traffic. As in previous international football events, overly loud musical instruments (such as vuvuzelas, drums, horns, etc.) are prohibited.
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