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A few days before the possibly decisive collective bargaining round in the public service of the federal states, the ver.di union put pressure on Wednesday with warning strikes in Hamburg.

Because of this, there were restrictions in authorities, state companies and schools. According to ver.di, around 4,000 people took part in a central rally at the Besenbinderhof near the main train station.

It’s about more money and more recognition

Employees want more money and recognition. A preschool teacher from Wilhelmsburg, who has been with the job for 20 years, said: “I am paid three to four salary classes under a primary school teacher. And especially during the Corona period, we picked up a lot.” An employee of the Eimsbüttel district office said in an interview with NDR 90.3: “On the other hand, tax revenues are gushing. Hapag-Lloyd shares have gone up. The city of Hamburg has a problem getting qualified employees – and it has to take it seriously. “

Hamburg’s deputy ver.di regional district manager Sieglinde Frieß spoke of a “major milestone in this labor dispute”. To the address of Hamburg’s Finance Senator Andreas Dressel (SPD) she said: “The The current tax estimate makes it clear that there is enough money. “Now it is time to” bring this out “.

Five percent more salary required

The third round of negotiations between ver.di and other employee representatives and the collective bargaining association of German states (TdL) will take place next weekend in Potsdam. In addition to better working conditions, the unions are demanding five percent more wages, but at least 150 euros per month, for public sector employees in the federal states. In addition, trainees and interns are to receive 100 euros more per month. The TdL has so far rejected the demands as unrealistic and has not yet submitted an offer.

Dressel is counting on a wage agreement in this round of negotiations. In his view, postponing talks and a possible labor dispute would be a bad sign. However, he emphasized that a willingness to compromise was necessary for a deal. “That requires movement on all sides.” Frieß replied that ver.di would gladly accept the offer of a solution to the collective bargaining conflict, “but this must be done on an equal footing”.

additional Information

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Protesters hold a banner that says "Precarious work, studying on debt, austerity?  We're fed up!".  An alliance of 25 organizations called for a cross-university day of action under the motto #Stopthecuts: More instead of less!  on.  © Georg Wendt

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Participants take part in a demonstration in downtown Hamburg as part of a full-day warning strike.  © picture alliance / dpa Photo: Bodo Marks

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