Markus Anfang resigned from his coaching position for Werder Bremen on Friday after a fake vaccination certificate was investigated against him. Now new details have come to light.

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At the beginning of the carnival on November 11th, Werder Bremen coach Markus Anfang was still in the best of party mood.


He has not been the SV Werder Bremen coach since Friday.

He has not been the SV Werder Bremen coach since Friday.

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Because the public prosecutor's office is investigating them, Anfang (left) and his assistant coach Junge (right, in the foreground) terminated their contracts with the club on Friday.

Because the public prosecutor’s office is investigating them, Anfang (left) and his assistant coach Junge (right, in the foreground) terminated their contracts with the club on Friday.

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  • The Bremen public prosecutor’s office is investigating Markus Anfang because of irregularities in his vaccination certificate.

  • The SV Werder Bremen coach then resigned; But first rejected all allegations.

  • Now the public prosecutor’s office has announced new details: The trainer is said to have used his fake pass to go to parties.

The public prosecutor’s office in Bremen has published new findings in the case of the resigned Werder coach Markus Anfang, which corroborate the suspicion of forging his vaccination card. Accordingly, two vaccination appointments in a Cologne vaccination center are documented in the document that the 47-year-old submitted. According to the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians who operate this vaccination center, none of the two appointments was initially recorded by the centre’s data management system.

The investigators therefore assume that the vaccination card of the former Bundesliga professional is forged. Your investigations have also shown that the batch number of the vaccine given at the beginning of the first appointment was never inoculated. According to the Public Prosecutor Frank Passade, the batch number of the second appointment was inoculated – but not on the day specified in the opening document.

With a fake passport at a carnival party

As the club newspaper “Deichstube” reports, the Werder Bremen coach also used his fake vaccination certificate to gain access to events that were subject to the 2GPlus rule. So at the beginning of November 11th I used a free day to extensively celebrate the start of the carnival.

On Thursday evening it became known that the alleged use of a forged vaccination certificate was being investigated towards the beginning. The Bremen health department reported him to the public prosecutor’s office because the authority noticed several irregularities in the certificate. For example, the beginning is said to have had an away game with his club SV Darmstadt 98 in Würzburg on the day of his supposed first vaccination appointment in Cologne, as the “Focus” writes.

Assistant coach also under suspicion

Because of the investigation, he resigned as Werder coach a few hours before the Bremen home game against Schalke 04 (1: 1) on Saturday. The beginning justified the step back then with an “extremely stressful situation for the club, the team, my family and myself.” Frank Baumann, a former player for the German national team and managing director of the sports division at Werder Bremen, was still behind Markus Anfang at the time. “Markus has assured us that everything went correctly and that he was also vaccinated,” said Baumann on Friday. But the beginning doesn’t always seem to be as honest as the ex-trainer is in the video.

The public prosecutor’s office is also under investigation against co-trainer Florian Junge due to inconsistencies in the vaccination certificate. Junge has also not been employed by Werder Bremen since the weekend, according to the club, the request to terminate the contract came from the two coaches.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, the beginning has now hired a lawyer, but has not yet made a statement on the allegations made against him. “His lawyer will first demand access to the files,” Passade told the German press agency on Monday. Beginning had initially assured that he had been vaccinated and rejected the allegations.

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