Public Prosecution Service after investigation: director Hakrinbank no suspect, criminal case closed

The Public Prosecution Service in Suriname (OM) has launched a criminal investigation following 3 separate charges against the General Director (CEO) of Hakrinbank NV. All persons who were directly or indirectly involved in the case were heard.

However, this investigation, which took longer than planned for various reasons, did not provide sufficient facts and/or circumstances to give the director the status of a suspect and to prosecute accordingly. The criminal case has been formally closed, the Public Prosecution Service reports.

The alleged acts could possibly be qualified under the Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Act, but this law has not yet entered into force.

The Public Prosecution Service has informed all interested parties of its decision. They have also been informed that, if they do not agree with this decision, civil as well as criminal legal interventions are possible against this.

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