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Changes in the democratic life of our country are achieved by defending human rights, freedom, justice and the dignity of all.

Public policies is a government action to satisfy collective needs, for this it is necessary to carry out a diagnosis and a feasibility analysis.

Public policies are decisions that are taken within the public administration to solve a certain public problem, where it is required that good use be made of public resources.

Through participatory democracy exercises, citizens participate in solving the problem that affects everyone and allows better government performance.

Citizen participation also enters into the rationale for public resources in those cases where the governmental function is exercised through participatory budgets and in this way a co-responsibility is also generated between the government and the governed.

Now that we have concluded an electoral process, we must think that the political offers that we have received from the candidates are going to become government plans and public policies.

There are political offers that were made without actually carrying out an analysis of their viability, which is why at the moment in which the exercise of the government is reached, their fulfillment becomes impossible, also some political offers leave the field of competence of the function and it is another reason why it cannot materialize.

The political offers and internal actions of the state with a human rights perspective are based on human dignity, non-discrimination and a democratic society, since only where there is democracy can human rights be exercised.

The public policies of a democratic state must begin by admitting that human rights are intrinsic to the person and therefore the State is obliged to protect them, prevent their violations and punish them.

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Today the sustainable development goals are central axes of public policies within the framework of a global human rights agenda.

The task for all the elected candidates who will soon exercise the administration of the executive powers is to generate budgets and public policies with a human rights perspective.

I am proud to be the daughter of these beautiful northern lands!


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