Public banks are also in the race!

So what breed…
You follow, it has been under the banking sector for a long time sava promotionwhat there is. I say war because everyone is in a huge competition to get customers…
Although it has started to slow down a bit lately, mail comes from a bank almost every day. Some say ‘I pay 7 thousand TL’, some say ‘I increased it to 7 thousand 500 TL’… Others make statements like ‘If you come here or even bring someone, you will get 8 thousand TL’. Good money for retirees who receive 2,500-3,000 TL per month… Even if it’s a one-time promotion, almost as much as two pensions…
As you know, this issue started with the contract between SGK and banks in 2017. Retirees were entitled to compensation on the condition that they give a 3-year guarantee. After that period there was a sweet competition between the banks.
Similarly, the retirement promotion race has recently intensified this year.
led by private banks public banks back in this race was left. The money received by retirees according to salary in three public banks 750 TLIt did not exceed. Those who received 1,500 TL or less received a promotion of 500 TL, those who received a pension between 1,500-2,500 TL, 625 TL, and those who received 2,500 TL and more received ‘ received a promotion of 750 TL for three years. Of course, lately many people have started moving their salaries to private banks. But retirees living in many districts of Anatolia could not find the branches of every bank there. Retired citizens living in those regions could not benefit from the high promotion opportunity, since the public banks, which even had branches in the most remote corners of Anatolia, did not increase the amount of promotions.
As I have learned, in competition stay behind longer and don’t want to lose customers public banks govt He made a preparation with his assignment... As far as I know, Agriculture Bank, Halkbank and Vakifbank Promotion to the Ministry of Treasury and Finance submitted his offer…
According to the proposal, no distinction 5 thousand per retiree without TL is planned. well with a low pension the higher the same promotion will receive (There are those who know, specially in high promotions from banks salary amount determiner… Salary Less than 2,500 TL, 5 thousand TL, the highs are 6 thousand, 7 thousand, 7 He can get 500 thousand TL. Even a lot private bank sell credit cards, electricity-gas telephone bill payment from bank she wants to do it.)
The Ministry is in favor of increasing the figure to 7,500 TL.
Of course, it is quite expensive when you calculate it. Because there are almost 7 million people who receive pensions from public banks.
In short, The issue is still on the table. I think the final decision on the amount President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will.
I hope a decision will be made that will make the retiree happy.

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