PUBG Battlegrounds is now free on consoles and PC: all the content it will incorporate

Anuncio de PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Free to play

the battle royale of KRAFTON, Inc. became free for everyone on consoles and PC. On a very special day for his fans and newcomers, PUBG: Battlegrounds became the second title with the most simultaneous players on the platform Steam, beating Dota 2 by a few thousand users with a total that reached more than 668 thousand players.

Although the number decreased rapidly, it was sustained with more than 150 thousand users and marked the great attraction generated by the title with its new free-to-play mode. The new business model of the style freemium, introduced BATTLEGROUNDS Plus as the way to get access to all available content. Users who purchased the game prior to its transition to free-to-play they will receive not only the plus model, but also a rewards kit called the Special Memorial Pack.

To enhance the reception of new players, the content landed with new tutorials: basic training mode and AI training match. In this way, it will be sought that users who encounter the title for the first time can have a more enjoyable experience.

In addition, its free launch came with a new update that adds the use of two tactical elements: drone, as a form of remote and secure exploration; and the EMT Gear, which provides a new form of healing for the troop. “BATTLEGROUNDS Free-to-play will also include a number of enhancements that we’ve been working on, which fans will be able to see coming at launch and in the months that follow. Now is really the best time to play”, they anticipated from the official page of the announcement, so players can expect more news to arrive.


As to BATTLEGROUNDS Plus, it is a one-time investment that includes access to a +100% experience boost, a career tab with medals, competitive mode (ranked) and the ability to create custom matches. As for objects, it offers a hat, mask and gloves from a kit called Captain’s Camo, along with 1300 G-Coin in additional coins.

It is important to note that although the game offers a base experience available to everyone, the lack of a competitive mode included for free is a point of strong criticism. Another problem the game could face is an increasing number of cheaters, a recurring problem in the industry. The community referred to a significantly annoying previous presence of cheaters in the game, so PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS you will have to deal with an inescapable problem that can damage the experience of newcomers.

The fact that the ranked mode is behind a buy wall would end up being both a negative point for free players, and a way to avoid new cheaters for those who are interested in the most competitive experience of the game. On the other hand, they presented special events to accompany this new chapter for the title:


Regarding the Special Memorial Pack It comes with access to BATTLEGROUNDS Plus and rewards that will translate into eight items that will include a set of costume skins and a bundle called Battle Hardened Legacy.

KRAFTON, Inc’s decision is a natural course to take advantage of the current state of the game and attract new users to one of the first battle royales to forcefully enter the market. After almost five years since its launch, it joins the model applied by its competitors like Fortnite and Apex Legends, but with a different twist. The free to play version is now available on Steam, PS Store, Microsoft Store and Google Stadia.


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