Psychological test will be taken for new security guards: Peshawar University Vice Chancellor

Psychological test will be taken for new security guards: Peshawar University Vice Chancellor

After the killing of the security supervisor by the security guard in Peshawar University on March 5, the teachers of the university have announced a boycott of educational activities from yesterday and demanded to conduct all the tests of the guards posted in the university.

After the recent meeting of the university administration with the vice chancellor of University of Peshawar today, a declaration was issued, according to which the university itself will be authorized to hire new security guards after removing the private company guards in the university.

Peshawar University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Idris told Independent Urdu that it was also decided in the meeting that all the existing and new security guards will be subjected to a psychological test on an urgent basis for which the University’s Department of Psychology services will be obtained.’

Speaking to Independent Urdu, Peshawar University Teachers Association President Dr. Muhammad Uzair said that ‘on February 19, the Islamia College incident in which a teacher was killed by a security guard, Peota had expressed these concerns. That such incidents may reoccur so all guards should be thoroughly checked.’

Dr. Muhammad Uzair said that “despite the students and teachers repeatedly raising their voices on this matter, the university administration did not take notice of their words and again the second incident of murder occurred at the hands of the security guard.”

If notice was taken at that time, this incident would not have happened. That is why we have announced a boycott of classes from tomorrow to put pressure on the university administration to take serious steps on the issue of security guards.

Amil Khan, Deputy Director of Administration of Peshawar University, told Independent Urdu that ‘According to the historical facts of University of Peshawar, the procedure of keeping guards was completely different in the old times, which later took a different form after the economic crisis.’

According to the history of Jamia Peshawar, the university used to assign the responsibility of security guard to a retired army officer. Who were given weapons training and psychological training every year. Then the university faced a financial crisis and it was decided that the tenure of any security guard would be three years.

Emil Khan said that the current situation was discussed in the meeting with the Vice-Chancellor today, and the practice of having security guards of private companies was discouraged. This is the reason why it was unanimously agreed to have new and professional security guards.

Regarding the Peshawar University incident, SHO Dawood Khan of Police Station Campus told Independent Urdu that the accused of last day’s incident appeared in the court today, but the court has not yet given us the custody of the accused. can inquire.’

In the copy of the FIR which he shared with Independent Urdu, Akbar Saqlain, the son of the deceased, wrote that when he was waiting for his father at a place in the university, I heard the sound of firing and A few moments after which I saw the accused running out of the gate.’

Dr. Imran Sajid, a lecturer in the Department of Social Work of the University of Peshawar, said that “Although the University of Peshawar is a very large university in the province, some very important points have been neglected in such a large university.”

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