Psychiatry: Luke Mockridge was forcibly committed!

Psychiatry: Luke Mockridge was forcibly committed!

Luke Mockridge (34), a comedian, caused great concern among his friends and family. Serious allegations were leveled against him in 2021. Ines Anioli, a former girlfriend of the TV star, accused him of attempted rape and even filed a complaint. As a result, the comedian withdrew from the public eye. As Luke is now making public, he was doing so badly at the time that he had to be hospitalized!

“I’ve experienced a few shitstorms and you just put your phone down and say, ‘It’s only happening in this little black rectangle, it doesn’t have any impact out there in the real world,'” recalls the 34-year-old in the podcast “I wish I had known that earlier.”

But contrary to expectations, the shit storm and the allegations ultimately turned his life upside down, much to the concern of those around him. “I was committed and I was in the clinic for three months… You’re put in a protected space because it’s all very concrete and I needed to be protected,” Luke reveals.

In the meantime, however, the comedian is looking positively into the future again. “I feel so empowered, happy and optimistic about the rest of my life that I want to put it out there – life goes on,” Luke said. This attitude seems to be paying off, as Bild reported a few weeks ago, if the TV star is to be taken again.

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