For forensic psychiatrist Reinhard Haller, the ÖVP chats reveal the narcissism of the Kurz environment. The image of the ex-chancellor had been destroyed.

Serial woman murderer Jack Unterweger, bomb brain Franz Fuchs or the Graz amok driver Alen R .: Forensic psychiatrist Reinhard Haller looked into the psyche of Austria’s greatest criminals. The “Kurier” asked Haller for an analysis of the scandal affair surrounding the ÖVP chats. His conclusion? “Of course a narcissistic event can be observed here. The enormous number of 300,000 chats alone shows a forensic psychiatrist that there was a high degree of selfishness,” explains the crime expert.

He was also amazed at the naivety of the short game. “You should have known that such chats can be reconstructed,” Haller told the daily newspaper.

From his point of view, however, this attitude corresponds to classic narcissistic patterns. “The great danger of being narcissistic is: You are no longer grounded, you take off, you are no longer connected to reality,” emphasizes the Vorarlberg resident. But the chats reveal even more for the psychiatrist. “These chats show that Kurz is not a messiah, not a figure of light, not a saint, but that he has unexpected qualities.”

Postscript: “As a politician, he promised a new system and a new way of thinking. The other quality feature of him was that he always appeared very polite to the outside world. He never hurt anyone or attacked them underhandedly. This image has now been destroyed.”

Expert sees power as a reason for movement for a political career

From the point of view of the expert on human shallows, there is “no other reason to go into politics other than power”. “Political power must have something drug-like – especially for men,” believes Haller. If the psychiatrist is to be believed, Sebastian Kurz’s own age was also fatal in the affair of fudged surveys. “In the case of a young person, the striving for power dominates the person. In the case of a person with experience of life, the opposite is true: the probability that the person will be able to use power correctly is greater.”

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Haller criticizes the lack of apology from the ÖVP. He sees this as a “no-go”. “That shows that you have no awareness of wrongdoing.” Haller believes that the embarrassing chats would not feel sorry for the former head of government anyway. “He would probably do it again if he didn’t know what the consequences and consequences are,” speculates the renowned expert.

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