“PSV then has the opportunity to buy in plenty, at AZ we look at that differently”

Pascal Jansen does not think that AZ should start again due to the departure of Calvin Stengs and Myron Boadu. The trainer of the Alkmaarders knows at the same time that the transfer income cannot be fully invested.

AZ already sold Stengs to OGC Nice, while Boadu will soon be presented at AS Monaco. “They are good players and of course we take a step back in the first instance – when the boys leave”, Jansen told The Telegraph. “But there are others ready to succeed the men.”

“And if there are none, we know that our technical director Max Huiberts and the scouting will provide good successors,” continues the coach. “For example, if PSV sells players for thirty million plus, they have the opportunity to buy in generously. We have a slightly different view. It is a policy choice not to allocate tens of millions.”

Stengs and Boadu continue their careers in the French sub-top. Jansen strongly disagrees with the statement that this reflects negatively on the youth academy of AZ. “Ligue 1 is a big competition, which may be slightly underestimated in the Netherlands. And they are big clubs, where Calvin goes and to which Myron is linked. I certainly don’t think that is a disqualification from the AZ training. On the contrary.”

“It also has to do with the fact that we sell abroad and not in the Netherlands,” says Jansen. “And Atalanta, which according to media reports would be in the market for Teun (Koopmeiners, ed.), has simply been playing the Champions League and in the top of the Serie A for years.”

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