PSG: Messi, Riolo's bitter observation

PSG: Messi, Riolo's bitter observation


« Par Gilles CamposThe 09/03/2023 »

Not 3/10 by the editorial staff of Maxifoot (read the Dbrief and NOTES of the players), Lionel Messi (35 years old, 7 games and 4 goals in LdC this season) once again faced Bayern Munich (0-2, 0-1) this Wednesday, in the knockout stages of the Champions League. On RMC, Daniel Riolo did not miss the world champion, whose future at Paris Saint-Germain remains unclear.

“Everyone knows that Neymar and Messi came to PSG to find a gym and prepare for the World Cup, started the Parisian editorialist, very upset, before making a bitter observation on the performance of the Argentinian in C1. Messi, in Champions League matches, he has been missing since 2017.”

A slight exaggeration, because the Pulga notably shone in 2019 during the semi-final against Liverpool (3-0, 0-4), but it is true that it has had a lot of trouble since against European leaders…

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