PSG: Ginola's fed up

PSG: Ginola's fed up


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Beaten by Bayern Munich (0-2), Paris Saint-Germain left the Champions League in the round of 16 for the second year in a row. Former PSG player, David Ginola did not hide his anger after this new disappointment for the capital club.

“I’m disgusted, launched ‘El Magnifico’ on the Canal + set. We end a match like that with disappointments, which are due to lack of commitment and clear investment. There has been a problem for years. There is a real problem. There are players in this team… I’m not going to shoot the ambulance. How can we set up a project to win the C1 and have so little bench depth? You have to be the height of these ambitions. In midfield, PSG is not the height. Vitinha is not the height. Neither is Messi. You have to build a team and not add talents. PSG is the most important, we don’t care about the players. (…) This bling-bling policy is outdated.”

A criticism often heard in Paris for several years…

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