PS5 in the tariff bundle immediately available: Is the offer worth it?

As soon as Amazon, MediaMarkt, Saturn and Co. have the PS5 in stock, it is already sold out again. On eBay, the NexGen console goes for horrific sums over the virtual counter. If you want to finally hold the Playstation 5 in your hands, you still have the option to secure it in combination with a mobile phone contract with Mobilcom-Debitel. But is the offer worth it? GIGA is checking!

PS5 at Mobilcom-Debitel: Console with mobile phone contract available immediately

Thousands of players have been waiting for months to finally get hold of a PS5. The NextGen console is almost never available in the free trade, but the mobile phone retailer Mobilcom-Debitel was able to secure some devices and is now selling them in a tariff bundle. If you buy the mobile phone tariff “green LTE 15 GB“ im VodafoneNetwork or the “green LTE 10 GB“ im Telekom-Netz will receive both a PS5 (disc edition) and a total of 24 months of PS-Plus after the order has been placed. You will receive the codes for your PS Plus membership two weeks after activating your new SIM card via SMS.

Danger: Mobilcom-Debitel also only has a limited number of consoles in stock. If you want to take the deal with you, hurry up.

The details of the tariff at a glance:

  • Tariff: green LTE 10 GB (Telekom) and green LTE 15 GB (Vodafone)
  • Network: either Telekom or Vodafone
  • 10 GB or 15 GB LTE-Data volume – max. 21.6 Mbit / s (Telekom) max. 50 Mbit / s (Vodafone)
  • Flat-rate telephone in all networks
  • EU-Roaming inklusive
  • 24 months minimum term, 3 months notice period

How the PS5 performs compared to the Xbox Series X, you can find out in the video:

The following costs await you:

  • Basic fee: 24 × 41.99 euros per month
  • Additional payment for the PS5: 99.99 euros
  • Connection fee: 39.99 euros
    = 1.147,74 Euro after 24 months

PlayStation 5 at Mobilcom-Debitel: Is the offer worth it?

The offer is only worthwhile if you can do something with the tariff. After deducting the costs for the PS5 (Disc Edition: 499.99 euros RRP) and the two PS Plus annual subscriptions (2x 59.99 euros), around 530 euros remain in the end. That corresponds to around 22 euros a month for the Mobilcom Debitel tariff with 10 or 15 GB data volume and telephone flat rate. A SMS flat rate is not included in the tariff, 19 cents are due for each short message. In addition, the maximum data speeds of 21.6 Mbit / s (Telekom) and 50 Mbit / s (Vodafone) are rather meager – but it is easily enough to stream YouTube and Netflix.

Nevertheless, the mobile phone tariff is worth a look for all PlayStation fans who are looking for a new contract at the same time. This way, console gamers can finally get a PS5 without any problems. After all, nobody can say at the moment when the PlayStation 5 will be available again on Amazon, MediaMarkt and Co.

Note: Don’t forget to terminate your contract in good time. If you don’t, the tariff is automatically extended for another year. The basic fee is reduced to 31.99 euros from the 25th month, because you have already “paid off” the PS5 by then. In our opinion, that is still too much for the performance offered.

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