PS5: Bluepoint, the acquisition that changes everything?

Game news PS5: Bluepoint, the acquisition that changes everything?

After several successful collaborations, Sony bought Bluepoint Games. The Japanese publisher has formalized the arrival of the Texan studio within PlayStation Studios. This team specializing in Remakes has managed to make itself known thanks to resounding successes. So let’s go back to the history of this studio which intends to make the heyday of the PlayStation 5.

Instant reconciliation with PlayStation

Founded in 2006 in Austin, Bluepoint Games quickly merged with Sony’s gaming subsidiary. Indeed, their first game, Blast Factor, was one of the PlayStation Store launch titles on November 11, 2006. This collaboration seems to have paid off, because three years later, Sony puts the first two games of God of War in the hands of Bluepoint. The studio begins work and brings the God of War Collection to PlayStation 3. Rated 18/20 in our columns in 2010 by Logan, this remastered version carries the titles in HD and is probably the best way to rediscover these cult episodes in excellent conditions.

PS5: Bluepoint, the acquisition that changes everything?

Obviously delighted with the work done by the Texan studio on its exclusives, Sony ordered a port of the same ilk of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. These two masterpieces of the PlayStation 2 find a second youth in the collection Classics HD: Ico & Shadow of the Colossus. Rated 19/20 by Romendil, this version manages to keep the artistic touch of the original games while enjoying a much cleaner rendering. This is appreciable, because Shadow of the Colossus was far from flawless from a technical point of view when it was released on PS2.

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PS5: Bluepoint, the acquisition that changes everything?

It is Konami which then benefits from the services of Bluepoint. Released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection includes three episodes of the Konami license. Skipping the first episode and its remake Twin Snakes, this version still allows you to enjoy a clean smoothing while the PSP opus on the cake, Peace Walker, gains in flexibility thanks to the use of the second analog stick for home consoles. And if we finally start to know what to expect from the HD ports of bluepoint, we can only appreciate that these are about legendary titles. Discovering and rediscovering MGS 2 and 3 is always a pleasure. Especially for Xbox players who are welcoming the license for the first time on their machine. This collection is then ported to Vita, but is sold without the PSP opus.

Du remaster au remake

PS5: Bluepoint, the acquisition that changes everything?

The studio’s specialization in portages is now established. Bluepoint therefore continues by bringing Sony’s Smash Bros-Like, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, to Vita. It was then Flower who found the way to the Sony laptop and the PlayStaiton 4, which had just entered our shelves. After a port of Titanfall on Xbox 360, the studio begins a project that gives it the identity it has today. The Nathan Drake Collection brings together the first 3 opus of the Uncharted saga. The three titles are more beautiful and more fluid. Running at constant 60 FPS, these episodes benefit from much better overall consistency. In Drake’s Fortune, Nathan’s model has been reworked to match that of the following episodes. Many visual effects have been added to bring these episodes up to date. Motion blur, ambient occlusion, reworked lighting … Bluepoint no longer operates outright porting, but develops, modifies and alters certain elements to modernize the experience. The firing system and the control diagrams have been arranged to ensure continuity between the three games. In short, the Nathan Drake Collection profoundly improves the gaming experience and breathes new life into titles that were beginning to show their age. Our dear Kaaraj had therefore logically assigned a score of 18/20.

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PS5: Bluepoint, the acquisition that changes everything?

After a port of Gravity Rush, a nugget of the Vita, on PS4, Bluepoint finds Shadow of the Colossus to sublimate it. This PlayStation 4 version pays homage to Fumito Ueda’s masterpiece. While the experience and gameplay are unchanged, the graphics assets have been completely overhauled to provide a console-worthy experience. Finally, Shadow of the Colossus on PS4 offers a very precise vision of the Remake: Keep the heart of the game and put the package on the visuals. It’s a great way to bring a cult work up to date without interfering with the game design of the time or distorting the author’s vision.

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PS5: Bluepoint, the acquisition that changes everything?

PS5: Bluepoint, the acquisition that changes everything?

Demon’s Souls, one of the spearheads of the PlayStation 5, displays the same philosophy. The Bluepoint teams go so far as to keep the bugs present in the original version to provide exactly the same experience from a playful point of view. From a technical point of view, however, the developers transcend the base material to deliver breathtaking rendering. Hallucinating light effects, quality sound design, models of great finesse … However, the studio must perform a balancing act by sublimating and evoking the original artistic direction without distorting it. If the reaction was unanimous for Shadow of the Colossus, some fans of Demon’s Souls regretted that some architectures and pieces of equipment do not sufficiently respect the base material. A few towers change a bit of architectural style while NPCs see their outfits completely changed. The task is difficult and developers must walk the wire to appropriate an 11-year-old game without distorting its artistic direction. And if those most attached to the original experience can criticize choices that they do not like, it is clear that Bluepoint systematically succeeds in blowing the players.

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PS5: Bluepoint, the acquisition that changes everything? PS5: Bluepoint, the acquisition that changes everything?

While their next project is still a secret, Bluepoint should be able to tell us more in the coming months. New remake? New license? The future will tell. What is certain is that PlayStation has just acquired a studio benefiting from a great technical mastery. Hopefully their collaboration will continue to bear fruit.

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