PS5 aims to bring back one of the PlayStation 2 hits

You could wake up from your slumber after twenty years.

We live in a few years where they are becoming more established the trends of the latest generation of consoles and video games. We find Sony flagships that prioritize the narrative value of the game, AAA titles at Microsoft that bet on visual fidelity, or Nintendo exclusives that bet on design and originality. However, years ago, all these proposals were much more distributed and the companies were very open to the freedom of the studio that develops each game. In fact, this time we come to talk about a PS2 IP that could be coming to PlayStation 5 very soon after a recent age rating was known.

Early 2000s we were living in the heyday of the survival horror genre thanks to gems like Resident Evil, legends like Silent Hill and, of course, a saga that is not as well known as BloodRayne. And what about BloodRayne? Well, simply, that it is the title registered in the age rating for a future premiere on PlayStation 5, as indicated by the ComicBook portal. There is no doubt that the fans of this saga will be in luck, and also all the lovers of horror games who have not yet laid the glove on a franchise as iconic as BloodRayne.

Understandably, a lot of people don’t know about these games as, in its genre, it’s easily overshadowed by other franchises, but BloodRayne was a worthy exponent back in the day. third person shooter mechanics, action, survival and terror. In this saga we take control of Rayne, a half human and half vampire woman, who faces all kinds of supernatural threats in the midst of the world’s fight against Nazism.

There is no doubt that this title, well worked, could become a successful game on PlayStation 5, since the universe, the premises and the basis that currently exist allows many possibilities to exploit the genre survival horror with a long-forgotten IP.

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