Protests in Cuba: the harsh sentences on the island against the protesters of July 11

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Image source, Reuters


Government supporters beat J 11 protesters with sticks.

He is 21 years old and has been sentenced to spend more time than he has lived in a Cuban jail.

Walnier Luis Aguilar Rivera, a young man living in the La Güinera neighborhood, one of the most populous and poorest in Havana, was sentenced this month to 23 years in prison for participating in the massive protests of July 11.

“We are devastated. My son has a mental retardation product of an injury and in the trial they did not even take that into account. He went out to protest like all the people and now they want to put him more years than his own age. He is 21 years old and he They have scored 23, “Luis Aguilar, the young man’s father, told BBC Mundo.

According to her testimony, her son was detained a few days after the demonstrations and the family could not see him again until three months later.



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