• Vaccination opponents, right-wing extremists and rioters attacked and devastated the headquarters of the CGIL union with sticks and flagpoles at a demonstration against Corona measures in the Italian capital Rome on Saturday.
  • Before that, tens of thousands of demonstrators had marched through Rome. There were serious riots.
  • Hundreds tried to penetrate to Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s seat of government.
  • Police arrested the leaders of the extreme right-wing Forza Nuova party and twelve rioters on Sunday. The party had called for a demonstration.

In clashes with the police, there were attacks and scuffle on Saturday, the security forces used tear gas, batons and water cannons. Police arrested the two leaders of the right-wing extremist Forza Nuova party, Giuliano Castellino and Roberto Fiore, on Sunday.

The “Corriere della Sera” wrote on Sunday about an “urban guerrilla of the No Vax”, that is, the anti-vaccination counterpart. President Sergio Mattarella and Prime Minister Mario Draghi condemned the violence.

Politicians were particularly shocked by the storming of the headquarters of the CGIL union, in which, among other things, three police officers were injured. Protesters attacked security guards with sticks and flagpoles and entered the building, as shown in amateur footage.


Protesters in Rome press the security services with sticks (October 9, 2021).


CGIL boss Maurizio Landini spoke of an act of “fascist violence” and an “attack on the constitution”. He had previously said to the rioters: “Nobody should believe that they can push our country back into the fascist era.”

Attack on the hospital emergency room

Tens of thousands of people roamed Rome on Saturday to protest against the government’s corona measures. After an approved rally in the Piazza del Popolo, the demonstrators marched through the city center and tried again and again to break through police barriers. Objects and bombshells were thrown at the police officers. Some reportedly tried to reach Prime Minister Draghi’s residence but were stopped by police water cannons.


Protesters in Piazza del Popolo in Rome (October 9, 2021).


In the evening, around 30 people attacked the emergency room of a hospital where one of their arrested colleagues was being treated for an injury. The rioters broke open the door and clashed with law enforcement officers and paramedics, as reported by the Ansa news agency. Four people were injured, including a nurse who had a bottle on her head.

“Green Pass” compulsory for employees from October 15

In Italy, further measures against the corona pandemic will come into force in the new week. As of October 15, every employee in the private or public sector must have a so-called “Green Passport”, ie proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative test that has to be paid for. The critics of this passport and opponents of the vaccination recently raised the mood against the measure.

At the same time, however, this ensures that easing is possible from Monday onwards: Cinemas, theaters and concert halls, for example, can once again be used to full capacity. Discos can also reopen. Entry to all events is only possible with the “Green Pass”.

On Sunday there were solidarity rallies with the union in Florence, Bologna and Milan.

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