Protection of the Constitution: “lateral thinking” could become a suspected case – politics

Right-wing extremists, citizens of the Reich, conspiracy narrators: There are “sufficient clues” to monitor the Corona protest movement.

The “lateral thinking” movement could become a suspected case for the protection of the constitution. That said the head of the office for the protection of the constitution of Thuringia, Stephan Kramer, the RBB. As one reason for his assessment, he cited the growing proximity of the Corona demonstrators to the Reich citizen scene.

Kramer thinks it is fundamentally legitimate to demonstrate against corona restrictions. “However, we know that initially as free riders and in the meantime more and more directing right-wing extremists, citizens of the Reich, anti-vaccination opponents, conspiracy fanatics take over the rule here,” he told the RBB. In the case of the organizers of the “lateral thinking” demonstrations themselves, there was an increasing number of “Reichsbürger-Speech”. One must deal with the question: “Isn’t this now, with the ‘lateral thinking’ demonstrations, also about extremist efforts relevant to the protection of the constitution?”

The President of the Thuringian Office for the Protection of the Constitution said that if he looked at all the findings from Thuringia and other federal states, “then I have sufficient evidence to arrive at at least one suspected case.”

In a joint analysis of the protection of the constitution at the federal and state levels, about the Southgerman newspaper, NDR and WDR reported, it is said: Some of the demonstrators were normal citizens, some classic right-wing extremists. However, a new kind of extremism can also be assumed – groups that spread conspiracy myths and thus want to undermine trust in state and other institutions.

A classification as a suspected case would allow the intelligence agencies to use intelligence to collect and evaluate information.