protection map after one, 2 and 3 doses

Three doses of vaccine effective against Omicron: they reduce the probability of ending up in hospital by 88% and that of developing the disease with symptoms by 63%. This was revealed by a new British research published yesterday by the UK Health Security Agency with a table that explains the risks associated with the new variant of Covid-19 depending on the time elapsed by each dose of the vaccine. These are the first specific data on the issue, collected in the United Kingdom from 27 November to 24 December 2021 without distinction of vaccine (but it must be borne in mind that Great Britain has never used Johnson & Johnson).

The risk of hospitalization

Omicron remains more contagious than Delta and the vaccine undoubtedly protects less from the disease itself, but remains effective against hospitalization and pronounced symptoms. The protection, according to the research, drops after 24 weeks from the second dose, and then takes a leap again with the booster dose.

In detail, the first dose would reduce the risk of hospitalization by 52%, with the second the percentage rises to 72% for the following 24 weeks. From the 25th week onwards, the risk of ending up in hospital returns to 52%. And that’s where the booster dose becomes crucial, reducing the risk by 88% from the second week after vaccination onwards. In practice, with the third dose the risk of ending up in hospital is the lowest ever.

The risk of developing disease with symptoms

The same goes for the risk of developing Covid with symptoms: after three doses of the vaccine it is reduced by 63% against 26% after the first dose and 18% over the 24 weeks after the second. The critical figure here is the 25th week after the second dose: the protection against symptomatic disease is almost zero and the risk reduced by only 2%. For the time being, it is not known how long the protection afforded by the booster dose lasts.

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