Prostate cancer: how you can prevent it in a simple way

The prostate cancer is one of the main causes of death in men in Mexico, this despite the fact that 99% of cases are curable if detected early . Juan Carlos Ordóñez, general director of the civil organization, Salud Digna, speaks in an exclusive interview for from importance of preventing and raising awareness about this disease.

What is prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is the general term for cancer that develops in this area of ​​the body.. As in any other cancer, in prostate cancer, the cells of the body begin to divide without stopping and spread to the surrounding tissues, according to the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The prostate is a gland in the body of men and that it has a very specific functionality, it has to do with fertility, if we did not have a prostate, men’s semen could not be liquid, it would not be able to travel to do its work ”, indicates Ordóñez, who assures that prostate cancer is the number one type of cancer for men in Mexico, not only in incidence, but also in morality ”.

Between the symptoms that prostate cancer may present, according to the NIH, they are:

  • Urination problems, such as pain, difficulty starting or stopping urine flow, or dribbling
  • Pain in the back side of the back
  • Pain when ejaculating
  • Blood in the urine
  • Blood in semen
  • Bone-ache
  • Weight loss without trying
  • Erectile dysfunction

Prostate Cancer Prevention: Myths and Taboos

One of the main myths and taboos of prostate cancer revolves around screening tests, since a rectal examination was previously performed, causing reluctance among the male population and hindering timely diagnosis due to the implications of the test, according to Ordóñez.

“The men said ‘no, no, no, it’s going to be something uncomfortable, very invasive, something that I don’t want to experience’, and that cultural issue is one of the elements that has made it look like proof that I can do it well. let put for later”.

Juan Carlos Ordóñez, general director of Salud Digna.

However, he assures that currently there is already a much less invasive and more accurate alternative. It is the prostate specific antigen (PSA) test, which facilitates the diagnosis of this condition.

“Now with PSA, which is a very simple blood test, we can have a much more precise idea than in the past with just touch. All men should know that these types of topics are already available in another dimension that is much less annoying and much less invasive ”.

What is the test for prostate cancer?

The current PSA test for prostate cancer consists of the extraction of a blood sample taken from the arm, which is processed in a specialized equipment to measure the level of Post-specific antigen in the blood.

“It is only a blood test, it is a very low amount of blood that is taken from the arm, like all routine studies, and that sample is processed in a specialized equipment that tells us very quickly what the level is. of prostate specific antigen in the blood and if we are within the normal range ”.

How to prevent prostate cancer?

Given the prostate cancer has a higher incidence and mortality than breast cancer in Mexico, Ordoñez points out that the culture of prevention is fundamental, For this reason, civil organizations such as Salud Digna seek through campaigns “to sow this issue in the thought and in the collective conversation of health in Mexico, because it is something urgent.”

“The mentality of I take care of my health until I am sick, it is generating a really huge set of misfortunes that are perfectly preventable.”

It is because of that During the month of July, Salud Digna invites all those interested to take a prostate cancer detection test at a very accessible cost, and also, On the 23rd, patients who require it will be able to take a prostate cancer screening test for free accesando a

“The quality of our life depends directly, it is directly proportional to the quality of our decisions. If we decide to take charge of our health in a preventive way and we do not see it as bad news, we will have life conversations ”, Ordóñez said.

  • 99% of prostate cancer cases are curable if caught early.

Other ways to prevent this disease, according to the NIH of the United States, they are:

  • Have a healthy diet
  • Do exercise
  • keep a healthy weight
  • Know the possible risk factors (age, race, family history, obesity)

Prostate cancer in Mexico

Prostate cancer is one of the leading cause of death in men in Mexico. According to the statistics of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), this type of cancer is the most common in men in the country, as one in seven men will suffer from this disease in their lifetime, and in most cases it will be detected in advanced stages.

“The issue of prostate cancer is a global issue, it is not exclusive to Mexico, or to Latin American countries.”

Juan Carlos Ordóñez. Director of Salud Digna.

Between the main factors preventing timely diagnosis, Juan Carlos Ordóñez points out three: the myths and taboos, the accessibility of costs and the cultural paradigms of masculinity in Mexico.

“The issue of myths is a very important reason, a second is perceived by a bulk of the population as expensive studies and a third reason is the cultural issue of men in Mexico, because we have much less culture of prevention, we are much more likely to leave issues for later ”, concluded the manager.


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