Prostate cancer: Bacteria can be an early warning sign

Updated: 04/27/2022 – 16:55

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Prostate cancer: bacteria as a possible early warning sign

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Scientists have discovered types of bacteria that could be an early warning sign of prostate cancer.

British scientists have now discovered four types of bacteria that are linked to the development of prostate cancer and could therefore be an early warning sign.

Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in men in Germany. About 60,000 new cases are registered every year. If the disease is detected early, it is often easily treatable. British scientists have now identified four new types of bacteria that could be linked to the occurrence of prostate cancer. This discovery, the research team hopes, could be an important step in early detection.

Prostate cancer: Bacteria discovered that could be early warning signs

Scientists around the world are researching to improve the early detection of various types of cancer. So do researchers at the British University of Anglia. In the urine and tissue of 215 patients with aggressive prostate cancer, they discovered four new types of bacteria, according to the recently published study, reported by

Several genera and species of bacteria have been identified using DNA extraction. Four of them could not be matched with previously known types of bacteria. The team explained that “large accumulations of bacteria in the urine can also be significantly associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer”.

However, it is still unclear how the bacteria are specifically related to the cancer. “We don’t yet know how people become infected with these bacteria, whether they cause the cancer, or whether a poor immune response allows the bacteria to grow,” explains Rachel Hurst, one of the lead authors. In conjunction with data from other studies, this should provide a starting point for future investigations into the role of bacteria in the development of prostate cancer.

However, the scientists hope that the newly gained knowledge will enable improved early detection and possibly also contribute to new treatment options.

Here’s what men can do to prevent prostate cancer

The German Cancer Society points out that men can influence a number of factors themselves in order to reduce the risk of developing cancer. These include:

  • Maintain or try to achieve normal weight
  • Being physically active – Sport and other physical activity significantly reduce the risk of cancer
  • Eat a healthy diet, especially with lots of plant-based products and reduced meat consumption (especially little red meat)
  • Moderate alcohol consumption
  • Regular check-ups for the early detection of prostate carcinoma



You can find more information about prostate cancer here:

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