ProSieben throws Helena Fürst out of the TV show – the broadcaster comments on the sacking

These candidates take part in the new ProSieben show “The Big Celebrity Penance”.prosieben/nikola milatovic

As soon as the show is on TV, there is already the first scandal. This week the new ProSieben show “The Big Celebrity Penance” started. And that’s what the format is about: eleven reality stars, who have drawn attention to themselves with questionable behavior in the past should pay for their actions on television.

Oliva Jones leads through the show. The candidates who want to repent are Ennesto Monté, Daniele Negroni, Simex, Tessa Hövel, Matthias Mangiapane, Gisele Oppermann, Calvin Kleinen, Elena Miras, Carina Spack, Daniel Köllerer and Helena Fürst. The latter has now been thrown out of the show by the broadcaster.

Helena Fürst kicked out by ProSieben

Already in the first episode, the former jungle camp candidate clashed with Matthias Mangiapane. The situation escalates in the upcoming episode, which will be broadcast on July 14 but can already be seen in the media library. While Helena roams through the TV-WG at night, she screams incessantly and disturbs her fellow combatants while they are sleeping. Among other things, she yells: “Y’all can cross me. There’s no sleep. There’s action. And if you guys have a problem, I’ll take the cans and…”

However, Helena does not finish the sentence. Suddenly there is only a black screen with an overlay from ProSieben:

“To protect everyone involved, production was interrupted. For Helena Fürst, the time in the camp ended that night.”

The other candidates are anything but sad about the expulsion of the former “lawyer for the poor”. Here’s what her ex Ennesto says: “I’m glad she left the camp. In my eyes, she wasn’t ready to be here.” And Elena Miras says: “I’m glad the production removed her.” Matthias Mangiapana, on the other hand, has conciliatory words for the 48-year-old: “You shouldn’t hold it against her and remember the positive moments. I think her behavior was just a cry for attention and maybe even love.”

Helena Fürst raises allegations

Helena has already spoken out about the incident on Instagram and makes allegations herself:

“In the big ‘Celebrity Penance’, my round of shame is missing in episode two before I attack the others, allegedly for no reason. The content of my round was solely that I always tell the truth. Why doesn’t ProSieben show how they do it big anti-bullying Olivia Jones confronts me about my ‘sins’? Because there was nothing serious about it. Instead it just shows my fellow campers ranting about me.”

She also suggested deleting the entire second episode from the internet. And she went on ranting: “This is to protect me, who is being dragged into the mud again. So only the public correction remains. I think I’m through with reality.”

That’s what the broadcaster says about the sacking

ProSieben spokesman Christoph Köfer told “t-online” about the incident:

Asked about the reality actress’ allegations, he said that in order to protect Helena Fürst, it was decided not to show her ’round of shame’.


On June 25, the second edition of “Do you understand fun?” with Barbara Schoeneberger. She had made her debut as the show’s presenter in early April of this year. Guido Cantz previously led the show for eleven years.



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