Prosecutor Marcelo Pecci was hit three times with a 9-millimeter weapon, according to a report from Legal Medicine

Archive image of prosecutor Marcelo Pecci speaking to the media upon arrival for an interview with Paraguayan President Mario Abdo Benítez at the presidential residence in Asunción, Paraguay. August 11, 2019. REUTERS/Jorge Adorno/File

The body of Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci, murdered on the island of Barú last Tuesday, May 10, has already been handed over to the Colombian authorities by Legal Medicine. At the moment, it is being investigated whether the attack against the official is related to the investigations that he was carrying out in his country against criminal gangs and networks dedicated to drug trafficking and money laundering.

The investigations carried out by the Attorney General’s Office indicate that on the beach where Pecci was murdered, “they collected vanillas of a 9 millimeter pistol, which coincide with the opinion of Forensic Medicine that reported that Pecci received three impacts with a weapon of the same caliber “, In addition, they stated that the assassins “acted brazenly, rented the jet ski, They killed the prosecutor and returned to the place. We are sure that the assassins were not Paraguayans.”

Last Wednesday, the director of the National Police of Colombia, General Jorge Vargas, revealed in a press conference the first spoken portraits of the alleged author of the shots and related the crime to the work that Pecci carried out as an investigator in countless corruption cases.

Claudia Aguilera, wife of the prosecutor and who was with him at the time of the attack, assured El Tiempo that, “one of the men got out and without saying a word shot Marcelo twice, one hit in the face and another in the back”. In fact, the Government of Colombia announced a reward of 2 billion pesos for those who provide information on the subject that appears in the security cameras, who apparently would be the author of this crime.

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For her part, Sophia López Garelli, Paraguayan ambassador to Colombia, confirmed that the transfer of the lawyer’s remains could take place tomorrow, Friday, “considering that the entire funeral process for repatriation takes 24 hours.”

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Martha Mancera, deputy prosecutor of Colombia, has been the spokesperson for the investigating body in this case, the official assured that the investigations have progressed favorably and slipped that the crime could have been ordered from another country. “The investigations have yielded more than 100 material pieces of evidence that will have an effect against those responsible for the crime.. Here it is not so much who fired but who is behind the one who fired, what was the organization,” said Mancera.

According to the official versions, Marcelo Pecci left Asunción for Panama City, where the investigations by national and international authorities are focused, since two passengers who are under investigation would have boarded there.

In the same vein, the National Police explained that together with Colombian Migration Verifications are being made of the identities and activities of foreign citizens who were at the scene of the events. In addition, he stated that there are intense search efforts at checkpoints on highways, airports and border crossings.

“The great hypothesis that we have is that, due to its function in these cases, this assassination took place, because that is what it is. Instructions were given so that in all transport terminals, airports, border crossings, redouble efforts so that the images disseminated are held by Immigration officials,” concluded the director of the National Police, General Jorge Luis Vargas.

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