property prices in dollars continue to fall

In the year, there were falls in the price per m2 of houses of 6.0% in CABA, 12.5% ​​in North GBA, 7.9% in South GBA, and an increase of 3.7% in West GBA.

For its part, the falls in the sale price of apartments, compared to May 2021, in CABA and GBA North, South and West were 7.5%, 5.4%, 4.8% and 6.4% respectively.

“In May 2022, the market for houses for sale in CABA and GBA North, South and West is down. On the other hand, the apartment market is down in all the AMBA agglomerations. It has been in this state since April 2019 in CABA, since June 2019 in GBA North, since October 2018 in GBA South and since October 2019 in GBA West,” the report details.

According to the report, the largest year-on-year drop in the sale price per m2 of houses occurred in Villa del Parque, with a variation of -9.6%. On the other hand, for departments, the greatest drop is observed in Santa Rita, with a variation of -17.9%. On the other hand, within GBA (excluding CABA neighborhoods), the municipality that registered the greatest drop in sales price per m2 of houses was Pilar (12.3%); in the case of the departments, the greatest drop occurred in La Plata (10.7%).


In May 2022, rents per m2 in constant prices (that is, in real terms) in AMBA registered a fall of 1.2% for houses, and an increase of 0.3% for apartments, compared to April 2022. As for the inter-annual variations (that is, with respect to May 2021), in AMBA a fall of 17.7% is observed in the housing market, and an increase of 3.0% in the apartment market.

Taking the interannual variations (May 2022 with respect to May 2021), a fall in constant prices of the median price per m2 of rental of houses of 7.4% in CABA and 27.9% in GBA North, and increases in GBA South is observed. and GBA West of 19.2% and 5.6%, respectively. On the other hand, year-on-year, apartment rental prices registered increases in CABA and GBA North, South and West of 3.4%, 12.2%, 23.4% and 2.3%, respectively.

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When observing the interannual variations of the real rental price in AMBA, it is observed that the prices of apartments are increasing more than the prices of houses. This is verified by observing the variations in the rental price by agglomerate, since 3 of the 4 agglomerates registered greater increases in the price of apartments than in that of houses. Apparently, this phenomenon is the product of movements in supply given that, between May 2021 and May 2022, while the number of publications of houses for rent increased by 62.5%, that of apartments fell by 20.8%. Consequently, variations in rental prices seem to be reflecting these changes in supply.

The neighborhood of CABA where the highest year-on-year increase in constant prices of the price per m2 of apartments was observed was Palermo (22.7%). On the other hand, considering the municipalities of AMBA (excluding CABA), the greatest interannual variation in house rental prices occurred in Moreno (32.5%), while in the case of departments, the greatest increase was registered in La Plata (50.6 %).



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