Promotion of psychotropic substances implicates people peacefully

Promotion of psychotropic substances implicates people peacefully

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Hespress from RabatTuesday 2 May 2023 – 15:30

Elements of the regional interest of the judicial police in the city of Salé managed, based on accurate information provided by the services of the General Directorate of National Territory Surveillance, during the early hours of Tuesday morning, to arrest three persons between the ages of 27 and 38; This is because they are suspected of being involved in a case related to the possession and promotion of narcotics and psychotropic substances.

Hespress sources indicated that the first suspect was arrested at the entrance to the city of Sale, immediately after his arrival on a bus to transport travelers coming from a city in the north of the Kingdom, where the inspection resulted in finding in his possession 8 thousand and 420 narcotic medical tablets of the type “Rivotril” and a suspected amount of money. In being the proceeds of this criminal activity.

The same sources added that “in continuation of the investigation procedures in this case, a security operation resulted in the arrest of two additional suspects in the Salam neighborhood of the city of Sale; This is because they are suspected of being linked to the process of promoting this shipment of psychotropic substances, and in their possession a motorcycle, a light car and mobile phones were seized, in addition to seizing sums of money from the proceeds of these criminal activities.

It is noteworthy that the three suspects were kept under theoretical guard at the disposal of the research, which is supervised by the competent Public Prosecution; This is to identify the rest of the possible extensions of this criminal activity, as well as arrest the rest of those involved in committing these criminal acts.

Psychotropic narcotics Sala

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