Prominent vaccine opponent in the Netherlands died of Corona «

Political and economic scientist Robin Fransman announced his infection on Twitter on December 3rd: “Corona positive. It was about time.” Now he’s passed away.

8:46 a.m., December 31, 2021


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One of the most prominent vaccine opponents in the Netherlands died as a result of being infected with the coronavirus. The political and economist Robin Frenchman died of the disease in a clinic on Tuesday, the public broadcaster NOS and several other media reported on Wednesday. According to the reports, the 53-year-old was Not vaccinated out of conviction and criticized the corona vaccine on social media.

He had his infection on 3rd of December announced on Twitter: “Corona positive. It was about time.” Fransman, who worked in the financial sector, took the initiative “Recovery-NL” (about: recovery for the Netherlands) was founded. Its members are against tough corona protective measures. At the beginning of the year they had presented a plan how, in their opinion, social life in the Netherlands could be largely unhindered again despite Corona.

Among other things, there should be “safe zones” with strict rules for particularly endangered people, while outside these zones “everything should be possible again”. Health Minister Hugo de Jonge had rejected the idea of ​​”Herstel-NL” as “life-threatening”.

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