Project Eve was announced by Korean developers Shift Up in April 2019, but then the action title fell silent. Now you could see gameplay in the Playstation Showcase for the first time, which looked absolutely great and promises a lot of action game fun.

In Project Eve, you cut post-apocalyptic monsters in a skin-tight suit

In the gameplay material shown, protagonist Eve shows off her martial arts as well as her body. The Action RPG works quite openly with fan service and puts the heroine in a skin-tight suit, while the camera occasionally zooms in on, let’s say, more exquisite parts. But in the focus and almost in stark contrast to this are the meaty monsters that have to be chopped up,

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic future, in which mankind had to flee from the earth from monsters, the so-called NA: tives. Eve is now sent to earth as a fighting machine to recapture it. The trailer convinces with fast-paced action and at the same time also quiet moments, in which you can explore the post-apocalyptic world and find out a lot about the old people.

When the graphically impressive game will appear is not yet known due to the lack of a release date. It will appear for both old and next-gen consoles.

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